Photo 2

Photo from the post Vancouver Riot Clean up.
Get better Mayson Raymond!


Featuring my favourite artist: Ali Milner (yes again). Her music makes me smile (which is somewhat rare these days). I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to see her perform live on two occasions. She is going to be a super star soon. Just wait.
Be sure to check out her version of "Both Sides Now" released yesterday on iTunes
(I wish I could redesign her website though... needs a little bit of love.)

Ali Milner
Ali Milner

And Fefe Dobson

Fefe Dobson
Fefe Dobson

Design 1

An email template. I originally made this for something else but it wasn't used.

Photo 1

Taken at the zoo while with my good friend Charlotte.

New goals to keep me going

1 photo per week.
1 design per week.
1 app per month.

Lets see if I can make it happen starting the week of June 6.

New Template coming up

Well... life's been pretty busy, getting my ducks in a row in such. I'm in the process of recreating my site so that it'll be able to handle greater range of media. stay tuned :D

Lets go Canucks!

It's not really my style but maybe by posting this, the internet gods may help the canucks do what I know they can do tuesday night. I believe.

An update?

For Destiny Cloud Fist google searchers click here

For people actually searching for an interaction designer by the name of Tim Chow:

I've finally decided to make an update to my blog. Hurray!

For all my faithful followers (probably zero) get ready for an interesting upcoming month. I'm transitioning to a different mindset after crossing off a bunch of stuff on my bucket list. I feel the need to switch gears in order to achieve some of the rest.

And always remember these words:
Idea your generation process.


zenjelly / jodie Mcguinness

I recent had the opportunity to work with an incredibly talented graphic artist Jodie Mcguinness from the UK.
Check out her site here: and her portfolio here:
I helped her out with some optimization and template customization