Blog design for sschow

Theme and deployment by me :)
Launch site

Red Website design

This is just a mock design I did in my spare time today. I felt like getting my creative juices going as I haven't designed a red website in a little while. I skipped the wire frames for this one since I didn't have any specific audience in mind. It looks a little blurry in the screenshot but the actual comp is much much more crisp.
I think I'll try orange for the next design.

Motion Frames

Motion Frames was my team's final project for IAT 443 - Interactive Video. Essentially, a user needs to move around in order to see what is being displayed on screen. The screen is split up into a 3 x 3 grid of hot spots where the motion capture occurs. Each cell in independent of one another. The sound portion is also motion controlled.

Motion Frames was developed using Max 5.0 with Jitter. I was responsible for the video and sound effects as well as the development.