Week 24 - Warren Dean Flandez - CBC Musical Nooner

Finally got to listen to Warren Dean Flandez perform in person. What a voice. This guy can really sing. Here are a couple photos from his CBC Musical Nooner this past Friday.

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Week 22 - Beckham

Just a couple shots of Beckham at the LA Vancouver Game. He was one of my idols growing up. It was pretty special to finally see him play in person.
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Week 20 Photos - Metric

I got to see Metric perform at the Commodore ballroom the other day. Here are a few shots I got from the show.

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Week 19 Photo - Jessica Hische & Jon Tan

Jessica Hische and Jon Tan share a laugh while speaking at Creative Mornings Vancouver.

Really great talk. Very glad I was able to attend. The recording should be on the CMVan Vimeo page pretty soon. Definitely check it out if you missed it.

Week 18

Some flowers

Week 16 Photo

Just dabbling in some landscaping. The higher res version is available on my flickr