Dear Ali Milner

Some snipes (and a short clip) from Ali Milner's set this past weekend at Stanley Park's 125th anniversary celebration.
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Dear Rouge - Thinking About You

My edit for Dear Rouge's music video editing contest for Thinking About You.
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TNile at the Biltmore

TNile at the Biltmore. Her new album is coming out in a few weeks. Be sure to keep an ear out for it!
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My Baby Comes First (Official Lyric Video)

I created the Official lyric video for Warren Dean Flandez's new single - My Baby Comes First. I worked on the cover for the single as well.
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Ali Milner

A couple snipes (and a short clip) of Ali Milner and Erik from the BC Family Day Set the other day.
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Graphics for Ipsos Global Advisor

I created graphics for Ipsos Global Advisor of a study that describes how global citizens anticipate the new year.

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Foggy Vancouver Morning.

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T Nile Part 2

Some snipes of the ever so talented T Nile from her show last Friday. Read more

T Nile

Sniped a couple shots of TNile the other day while assisting on a shoot (I did more observing than assisting tbh). Anyways, it was a great mini set. Go check out her stuff, she is amazing.
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This Kiss Lyric Video

My entry to Carly Rae Jepsen's This Kiss Lyric Video contest.
Some of the timing could be tweaked a little and the typography should be tweaked a lot but all in all... I think it's alright.
( YouTube picked the thumbnail for me : )

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