Lets go Canucks!

It's not really my style but maybe by posting this, the internet gods may help the canucks do what I know they can do tuesday night. I believe.

An update?

For Destiny Cloud Fist google searchers click here

For people actually searching for an interaction designer by the name of Tim Chow:

I've finally decided to make an update to my blog. Hurray!

For all my faithful followers (probably zero) get ready for an interesting upcoming month. I'm transitioning to a different mindset after crossing off a bunch of stuff on my bucket list. I feel the need to switch gears in order to achieve some of the rest.

And always remember these words:
Idea your generation process.


zenjelly / jodie Mcguinness

I recent had the opportunity to work with an incredibly talented graphic artist Jodie Mcguinness from the UK.
Check out her site here: http://zenjelly.co.uk/ and her portfolio here: http://www.behance.net/zenjelly
I helped her out with some optimization and template customization

Blog design for sschow

Theme and deployment by me :)
Launch site

Red Website design

This is just a mock design I did in my spare time today. I felt like getting my creative juices going as I haven't designed a red website in a little while. I skipped the wire frames for this one since I didn't have any specific audience in mind. It looks a little blurry in the screenshot but the actual comp is much much more crisp.
I think I'll try orange for the next design.